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Are you taking notes?

  Are you taking notes? I am so excited, something is brewing…but I cannot aptly describe it; I know without a shadow of a doubt that something is about to happen. I am so pumped about my future and what God is doing and as I look ahead, I cannot help but reminisce for we cannot truly appreciate how far we have come until we look back. Today I had a flashback to a season of my life where I was overlooked, underrated, and written off. I was that girl with nothing going on for her, I could walk into a room and not be noticed, not because I wasn’t beautiful, attractive or good looking but because when people looked at me in that season, all they could see was what had happened to me. What had happened to me? I had failed and repeated a year in university, I was the assistant class rep that year and I had to be replaced. Oh!  the disgrace and shame I felt, every bit of confidence I had in myself was knocked down. I still remember the silence and hushed tones when some of my
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Oh no, it was actually real, the scene that had just flashed before me wasn't from the contagion movie. It was actually real. Somebody pinch me! News , mayhem, panic buying, fear mongering, social distancing,self-isolation unimaginable loss of lives, truncation of businesses, and untold hardship for many. I caught myself as a wave of fear washed over me, what is the meaning of all of this, what must I do, what is God saying? As I pondered, I could hear very clearly in my spirit these words: "This too shall pass "and almost immediately an unexplainable peace and confidence in a God who is bigger than my fears and still In control settled me. How are you doing child of God? Are you troubled, worried, tired,afraid or overwhelmed? Rest in the assurance of God's word and His love. Amidst all the fear and uncertainty be reminded that God is sovereign.  Amidst all the pain and the loss be assured that God is present, to comfort and to restore.

Sand In my Shoes!!!!

Early mornings!! Zaine dress up, Zem come take your bath,  Zaine this and Zem that!!!  My mornings are generally characterised by routines;  early morning squeals,bargaining,tears,tantrums, the rush to get the entire family's day going, and the million and one things I need to remember and do before I make the dash to catch my bus. Every morning I am running out of the house in a mad dash just so I can make the bus in time, the mornings I do, a certain wave of accomplishment washes over me and the days I don't, oh well, too bad. lol One of the things I really love about being a mum is forming fun routines that our kids love and look forward to and one of which has been my morning exit routine. The kids all come to see me off and I demand from them a kiss and a hug. Couple of weeks ago, as I made my way out in my usual hurried fashion, my little girl insisted on a hug, a kiss on her cheek and nose, plus a high five. As I finally broke a way and

Who is your father?

Who is your father? I remember the first time I travelled to my village without my parents I must have been in primary school and my dearest grandmother of blessed memory insisted my parents brought me over for the weekend. Village life really and truly intrigued me, I loved the simplicity of communal living and how content everyone seemed, food was eaten fresh from the farms, with the large itigidi river providing fresh fish and water, and in the evenings, a dozen children would gather in my granny’s living room to watch a DVD, what was there not to like, for a child living in the city and raised overseas, village life was exciting, refreshing and alluring. That was the first of many visits, the older i got,  my grandmother became the most influential woman in my life, especially as I had lost my mother at age 14. She was wise, inspiring and I picked up my literary prowess from her as she and my mum piqued my interest in books. She would make me write letters to her and cor


I looked at my husband, this sweet, sweet man that God had blessed me with, and the tears flowed freely; “I am tired, I am tired “I muttered repeatedly as my sobs progressed to deep groans. When would this end, I am so tired! It had been such a difficult season, a season that seemed unending. The week before I had lost a wallet with some valuables and I could barely get home and this week I had parked my car and my plate numbers were stolen. It felt like the enemy had employed all his cohorts and the mission was to “STEAL OUR JOY” and deflate our spirit at all cost. It was a hard season; I was physically and mentally tired. God had probably gone on vacation, couldn’t he see what we were going through? like God how far, how much longer was this going to go on for and how much more could we bear?   I was so sure that God had not forsaken us, I was confident that there was a reason for all these, so I held on to my conviction that God was indeed a good God but I must confess t


In 2012,I had a strong burden to write.. I  heard it clearly in my spirit Write…Write about your struggles and victories Write. I remember shaking my head…but the burden wouldn’t go, I mustered the courage and wrote a post on a blogging platform I sat and then I waited for the response Oh my,It was far from what I expected .. I got abused and sworn at I deleted my account immediately and willed the voice in my head telling me to blog to stay silent. After much ado, this woman of faith blog was birthed in March,2013 One of the scariest things I have had to do.. This time around regardless of how I was going to be perceived or received I knew I had to do it for God was leading me to share my faith walk with no inhibitions, to share my real struggles, to be open and vulnerable so His glory, His grace and His Mercy could be seen through me. He was asking me to be real, flawed, imperfect so His perfection could express itself through me. I have learnt that it takes a certa

Leave the grave behind!!!!

Leave the grave behind… April…has always been that month of the year that tugs at my heart for so many reasons.. This year was no exception, So many memories are laced all through this month I lost my mother and my daughter around Easter time, And I also celebrate my salvation day and big brother’s birthday in April as well. Isn’t it ironic that life has a way of bringing so much joy and sorrow concurrently, As one life ceases, a new one begins..almost immediately The very force of nature nudging you to the acceptance of what the circle of life truly is.. The reality of life and death If the concept of death still terrifies you,  I urge you to embrace it as the knowledge of the fickleness of life would spur us to live our lives purposefully. I sat the other day on the 6th Anniversary of my late daughter’s death And I honestly could feel no sorrow, Rather a deep wave of gratitude overwhelmed me, I was thankful for the fact that God was healing and mending my broken hea

Can you See It?

Can you see it ? How time flies, I can’t believe it’s the end of the 1st quarter of 2019 already, Where did the time go? How was it for you? Honestly, the 1st quarter for me has been different from how I envisaged it would be, I thought that A, B and C would have fallen in place, but for some reason or the other it hasn’t. Yet, in spite of all that, I have made good progress. Progress in the sense that, I have a clearer picture of what I must do to bring about the results that I seek.There are many things that are out of my control, things that only God can do but I must take  Ownership of the things In my power that I must do to bring out the Changes, the progress and the elevation that I desire to see in my life, family and ministry. Question is….am I willing to pay the price for the future that I see? What is the future that I see? What must I do today, that would take me closer to the future that I see? This past few months, it’s become clear to m